Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ViewSonic ViewPad 7: Cheap iPad Alternative?

ViewSonic has released their highly-anticipated tablet PC, the ViewPad 7. It's being touted by some gadget experts as a cheaper, better alternative to the ultra-popular Apple iPad. The little computer features a nice 7-inch screen and runs on the Android operating system like the new Samsung Galaxy Tab (another possible "iPad Killer").

ViewSonic is known for their LCD monitors and televisions and their expertise shows in the ultra-clear screen of the ViewPad 7. They also have a new 10-inch tablet out called the Tegra 2, which is getting a lot of good attention, partly due to its incredible screen. The new Android V2.2 from Google is supposed to offer the best tablet experience currently available, so that should help the ViewPad take some market share from the iPad, Galaxy Tab, etc.

It also features tones of input/output options, including micro-SD, micro-USB, and SIM. So it's very easy and super cheap to add more memory... another big advantage over the iPad. The rear-facing camera is supposedly one of the best out there.

So is the ViewPad 7 a true iPad-killer? The market will be letting us know very soon. Please leave your own reviews and opinions of this new tablet PC below... thanks!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Second Generation iPad 2 on the Way?

It seems like the Apple iPad just arrived but in reality it's been around for nearly a year already. So what does that mean for the world of gadget-lovers? Yes, you guessed it: a 2nd Generation "iPad 2"... at least according to rumors buzzing around the interwebs. According to industry insiders, the new iPad model will feature 2 cameras -- on both the front and back. The word on the street is that we can expect the iPad 2 to be released sometime in early 2011, and that it will be a skinnier, lighter tablet computer with a better, higher resolution screen.

If the new iPad has a front-facing camera that would allow it to be used to communicate with the FaceTime video chat program, which is currently available on the iPhone and Apple Mac book. A rear-facing camera would add some interesting functionality possibilities and would allow it to match the popular Samsung Galaxy Tab, which has a similarly placed cam.

Of course, there is still no official "guarantee" that the iPad 2 is truly on the way. Apple fans have a tendency to over-hype new product rumors. But there can be little doubt that, at some point, a 2nd Gen iPad will be released. And seeing how tablet PC devices are set to explode in popularity in the near future, it wouldn't be surprising if Apple tries to outdo everyone with a new and better iPad!

New Kiana Kim Video!

We think that Kiana Kim, aka "The World's Hottest Korean Model," is due to really explode in popularity any day now. In fact, we've thought that for over a year. It's truly a shame that there's so few photos and videos of this perfect Asian beauty anywhere to be found... online or offline. Of course, she does have a new 2011 calendar and we hope to get our hands on an autographed copy soon. (Hint, hint Santa!)

Luckily for all the Kiana Kim fans out there Philly's 97.5 "The Fanatic" radio station made a short video of her when she visited their offices recently. Here it is:

Kiana, if you're reading, give us moreeeeee (please!).... :D

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Natural Cure for Children's Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Probiotics

Taking doses of probiotics, or "good bacteria," can help to treat and even cure the stomach pain many children experience on a frequent basis due to irritable bowel syndrome (aka IBS). Results of a new study showed that the probiotic bacteria "Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG" or LGG can significantly lower the severity and frequency of abdominal pain (including both stomach and intestinal pain) in kids who suffer from the increasingly common health problem.

Experts believe that the probiotic treatment may help to improve the balance of good and bad bacteria in children's digestive systems. Also, good bacteria has been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect on the linings of the stomach and intestines.

Here's the best news: even after treatment was stopped, children who took the probiotic supplement experienced less IBS-related pain for several weeks. That shows that taking doses of "good bacteria" may be a long-lasting natural cure for children's tummy pain... good news for all worried mothers! :)

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irritable bowel syndrome

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Daily Low-Dose Aspirin May Cut Cancer Risk

Taking a low-dose aspirin every day may significantly cut your risk of dying from several different types of cancer, according to new research. British researchers found that taking about 75 mg of aspirin daily leads to a 10% - 60% decrease in death, depending on the type of cancer.

Still, experts say that the new information doesn't mean every adult should begin taking aspirin on a regular basis. In some people, consuming aspirin can lead to dangerous internal bleeding, which can obviously offset any long-term cancer-fighting health benefits provided by the drug.

According to the researchers:
"These findings provide the first proof in man that aspirin reduces deaths due to several common cancers... these results do not mean that all adults should immediately start taking aspirin... They do demonstrate major new benefits that have not previously been factored into guideline recommendations."

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