Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ancient Beer Provided Antibiotics for Humans

Ancient humans probably took frequent doses of disease-fighting antibiotics via beer, according to new research from Emory University. It's strong evidence that people have actually been creating and using antibiotics for about 2000 years, not just since the discovery of penicillin in 1928!

The grain that was used to make beer in Nubia contains the soil bacteria streptomyces, which produces a type of antibiotic still in use today. Evidence shows that our ancestors perfected the beer fermentation process on purpose so that they could make this natural medicine.

Ancient Greeks also used beer as a fever-reducing remedy and wound healer. Some ancient cultures used it to treat diabetes and migraine headaches. So there's some good news for beer drinkers: it's been used as a medicine for a LONG time. Plus moderate drinking can extend your life!

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

People Like Tax Cuts for the Middle Class, Not the Rich!

President Obama want to keep tax cuts for people who earn less than $250,000 per year. He wants to get rid of the cuts for people making over that. And, for the most part, Americans are happy about that!

The President's economic experts talked the idea up throughout the day today on the top news programs. The idea appears to be so popular that even some top Republicans are saying they may vote in support of it.

According to Obama's plan, at the end of the year the wealthiest Americans would see their tax rates increased to where they were before the Bush tax cuts were implemented in 2001 and then again in 2003.

Most economists and political experts agree that some form of tax increase is needed in order to raise revenue and begin balancing the national budget, which at this point it wildly out of control. Some even say that out huge national debt has become a major threat to the United States.

Taxing the rich and leaving the poor and middle class alone is obviously going to be a very popular way of digging ourselves out of this economic hole we're in!

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Donald Trump Makes Another Pathetic Attempt to Get Into the Spotlight

Donald Trump loves free publicity. In fact you could say he's addicted to being in the limelight. According to many former business associates, he also loves screwing people over when doing deals. So it's no surprise that his attempt to buy the "Ground Zero Mosque" land is being called "pathetic" by one of the lawyers involved.

And apparently the majority owner of the land -- Hisham Elzanaty -- doesn't even consider Trump's proposal to be genuine. Why? Because he offered such an incredibly small amount for it! He offered 6 MILLION DOLLARS. For a large piece of property. In Lower Manhattan. Some of the most valuable real estate in the history of the planet.

Even MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell took it upon himself to call Trump out and bust his balls on national television:

Classic, classic Trump.

According to The Donald:
"I am making this offer as a resident of New York and citizen of the United States, not because I think the location is a spectacular one (because it is not), but because it will end a very serious, inflammatory and highly divisive situation that is destined, in my opinion, to only get worse... Hopefully, something good can happen!"

Yeah right. That's why you tried to low-ball the owners so badly that it's difficult to tell whether or not your offer was even serious. Wait... of course it's not!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Will Legal Online Gambling Hurt Small Casino Owners?

Large United States casino corporations stand to make A LOT of money if and when internet gambling is legalized within US borders. But some small casino owners are worried that web-based gambling will hurt their bottom lines significantly.

The reason? Competition is much more fierce online than it is in the brick-and-mortar world, where a small "neighborhood" casino can survive and prosper due to its convenient location, relationships with local customers, and comfortable atmosphere.

That is, after all, how the explosion of small and medium-sized "locals" casinos happened in the Las Vegas Valley.

Also, at least according to one Southern Nevada gaming operator, the large Nevada and New Jersey-based gaming companies can use economies of scale to dominate the legal online gambling landscape. Also, playing poker, blackjack, slots, or video poker in your pajamas while sitting on your sofa will always be more convenient than heading to your neighborhood video poker bar or casino.

No matter what anyone says, the US government is very likely to change the laws regarding web-based gambling in the near future. The prohibition of online gaming in the US has proven to be relatively ineffective and has cost the country billions of dollars in lost tax revenue, something it dearly needs now.

Small casino operators will most likely need to figure out how to tap into online niches that larger companies may not focus their marketing on.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good iPad Alternatives On the Way

The big consumer electronics companies that already compete with Apple in the smartphone market are gearing up to provide some good iPad alternatives as well. A few of the best options appear to be the new Samsung Galaxy Tab, the HP Slate, and the BlackBerry Blackpad according to industry experts. Other new tablet computers expected to be released soon include the Toshiba Folio, the Dell Streak, and the "WePad".

One thing's for sure: Apple started a real revolution by offering a truly useful and portable touchscreen gadget that's smaller than a laptop computer but bigger (and therefore much easier to use) than a normal "smart" cell phone. They have already sold more than 3 million iPads, much more than many experts thought they would.

But competition is always good, especially in terms of being able to get more for less money. Many of the new iPad alternatives are expected to be cheaper and possibly even more powerful. Because of Google Android operating system, emerging tablet PCs will be able to use their own "apps" just like the Apple products.

It should be exciting to see what happens in the "iPad alternative" space over the next few months!

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

New iPod Nano "iWatch" Is Here

Apple fans have been waiting a long time for them to come out with an "iWatch" product. Looks like the wait is over. The brand new iPod Nano mp3 player released last week can be easily strapped to your wrist and, in essence, become that mythical Apple product us geeks have been clamoring for.

Fancy mini-computer "smart watches" could become the next big thing in gadgets. LG and a few other electronics makers are already working on some new models that will probably be released at the end of 2010 or beginning of 2011. The next CES show in Las Vegas is sure to feature some very cool and powerful wrist candy.

The only problem with the iPod Nano watch is that you have to push the little button to light up the screen and see the time. But we think that thousands of users will overlook that little issue so that they can finally enjoy the iWatch they've all been wishing and waiting for...

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Friday, September 3, 2010

iPod Nano Deals: Get the "Best" Nano for Cheap

Some people love the new 6th Generation iPod Nano from Apple. Many others hate it and are already calling the older, 5th Generation model the "best" Nano of all. Well there's good news for those people: many great deals can now be had on the Apple Store website!

Just check out the iPod Nano "Special Deals" section on the website and you'll see for yourself. As you'll see, you can now get the 8GB model for $99 and the 16GB model for $149. Those are pretty cheap prices for such a great product, which has the video capture functionality that the new Nano's lack, to the dismay of some.

So go grab yourself a discount on one of the best iPods ever. Enjoy the same song capacity/memory, a bigger screen, and a heck of a nice video camera. It's definitely a good deal for a high-quality mini mp3 player!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Apple iPod Nano for 2010

The Apple iPod Nano was always one of the coolest and best small mp3 players around. Now, with the brand-new 2010 version "6th Generation" model, it's gotten a lot cooler! The Multi-Touch enabled music player is smaller, lighter, more colorful, and basically all-around awesomer. Some people even think that it could be the perfect "smartwatch" that Bill Gates envisioned several years ago!

It should definitely become one of the best-selling gadgets for Fall and Winter 2010. We know what Christmas gift we'll be asking for this year. Let's just hope that Amazon and the other big retailers roll out some discounts because the $179 price tag for the 16-GB version is a little steep in this down economy!

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