Thursday, October 10, 2013

Google Smartwatch: Coming THIS Month?

There are rumors zooming around the geek interwebs that search engine giant Google may be releasing a new smartwatch product this month. A Russian blogger from says the product is code-named "Gem" (or possibly "Nexus Watch") and will be launched along with a new version of the Android operating system (called KitKat) on October 31st.

There have been rumors about a new Google smartwatch for a couple of years now but it would be a little surprising if they do end up announcing it this month. Of course, now that the Samsung Gear is out in the market, along with the new Sony Smartwatch 2 -- not to mention the very good possibility of an Apple iWatch release in the near future -- it would probably be a good move for the company.

We way: We're hoping and praying for a very cool-looking, not-too-expensive, and extremely functional Google Android smartwatch to come out before Christmas. Preferably one that wakes us up, makes us coffee, filters annoying calls and text messages, and finds great late-night TV shows all by itself!

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Who is Miriam Carey of Connecticut?

This morning dental hygienist Miriam Carey of Connecticut decided to "attack" the White House, hurt a police officer, lead Washington DC police and Secret Service agents on a high-speed car chase towards the US Capital building... and then get herself shot. The Brooklyn, New York native had a young child (who luckily wasn't injured) in her black Infiniti sedan and was shot at several times before stopping.

So now we all want to know: who is Miriam Carey? Did she have a gripe against the federal government? Did she hate President Obama? Is she pissed off that's she's not getting her welfare checks during the shutdown? Was she just trying to take a tour of the White House grounds?

Is she Mariah's cousin??

Miriam Carey's Facebook Photos
Capitol police say they don't yet know much about the woman or her motive. They say it was probably an "isolated incident" and not related to terrorism. A source from ABC news stated that she had a history of being batshit crazy mental health issues.

If anyone knows anything about Ms Carey please post a comment below... thanks!

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Exercise Is as Good as Drugs for Heart Disease and Diabetes Prevention (and Better Than Stroke Drugs!)

Exercise is equally as good as prescription drugs when it comes to treating heart disease and pre-diabetes -- a condition that develops before someone turns into a full-blown diabetic -- according to a new study from Harvard, Stanford, and the London School of Economics. It's actually better than drugs for stroke victims!

Researchers found that there is no "statistically detectable" difference between a regular exercise routine and heart drugs in patients with coronary heart disease or pre-diabetes. According to their report:

"In cases where drug options provide only modest benefit, patients deserve to understand the relative impact that physical activity might have on their condition."

Interestingly, the report also noted the relatively small amount of trial-based research on the health benefits of exercise, compared to research on drugs. They state that this "blind spot" in scientific evidence related to exercise may prevent doctors and patients from fully understanding the benefits of exercise over drugs.

We say: The fact that working out is as good as or better than drugs isn't' surprising. What is surprising to us is the fact that 3 major universities would actually publish the truth and risk pissing off their billion dollar pharmaceutical company donors!

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Solar Panels Coming to an IKEA Near You

Swedish furniture maker IKEA has decided to begin selling home solar panels as part of a new strategy to bring low-cost renewable energy to the mainstream market. The first store to sell the panels is located in Southampton, England and the company has plans to market them throughout the UK in the next few months.

The IKEA solar energy package will be a standard 3.36 kilowatt system and will cost about $9000. IT will include in-store consultation, design service, installation, regular maintenance, and an energy monitoring service. The company says a typical British home owner can expect to pay off the investment within about 7 years.

According to IKEA Chief Sustainability Officer Steve Howard:

"In the past few years the prices on solar panels have dropped, so it's a really good price now... It's the right time to go for the consumers... If you are going to be in your house that long, your energy will be free after seven years."

We say: Fantastic! Now we just need an IKEA store here in Southern Nevada... aka the sunniest place on earth!

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Photo by: rpeschetz