Saturday, July 24, 2010

The End of History: World's Strongest Beer

Scottish beer-maker BrewDog has released what is thought to be the strongest beer in the history of the world: a blond Belgian ale called "The End of History." It costs nearly $800 per bottle and, at 55% alcohol, provides a lot of booze for the buck.

According to BrewDog officials:
"The End of History" is the "strongest, most expensive and most shocking beer in the world... this is to beer what democracy is to history!"
So far only 12 bottles have been made and they've all been sold to buyers in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Each bottle is packed in the carcass of a dead "roadkill" animal -- including 4 squirrels, 7 weasels, and a hare.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Las Vegas: Broke Baby Boomers, Retirees a Big Problem

Las Vegas Strip casinos are continue to struggle, even Steve Wynn's properties. And retirees and baby boomers don't appear to be helping as much as expected, according to recent statistics. Gaming revenue dropped 14 percent in May 2010 compared to the previous May.

Most gamblers are 50 or over and have more time and money to spend in casinos than younger people. But many of them have lost huge portions of their retirement savings, meaning that they have far less money to gamble and spend in Vegas casinos. What's worse, many retirees have large amounts of money tied up in homes that are worth far less than before the recession began so Las Vegas trips are not a possibility.

The bottom line is that baby boomers and retired Americans no longer have access to easy cash like they did in the 90's and most of the 2000's. Declining home values have made them feel less secure financially than ever before. Experts believe that they won't be returning to Las Vegas in large numbers until we see a major increase in home values, the biggest factor in most retirees' wealth.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Painless Flu Shots On the Way!

In the near future flu shots will be painless and may even arrive in the mail. Researchers from Georgia Tech have developed a new system of vaccine delivery that uses "microneedles" to easily and painlessly deliver substances into the blood stream.

The extremely tiny needles can be put onto a band-aid-like patch. Once stuck to a body party, the barely pierce the skin and then dissolve, releasing the flu vaccine (or any other drug/vaccine that may be needed).

The needles are so small that most users feel no pain. Plus the microneedle patches can be used by just about anyone, anywhere, eliminating the need to visit a doctor or nurse just to get a vaccination. Plus, the problems associated with dirty hypodermic needles are basically completely avoided.

So, within the next few years, just about everyone who wants a flu shot will be able to get it with no inconvenience or fear of doctor visits!

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Finding Medical Marijuana in New Mexico is Hard

Looking for medical marijuana in New Mexico? Good luck! Due to the state's strict laws and high demand, patients are now having a very difficult time buying medicinal pot to treat their health problems. There simply isn't enough of the legal stuff to go around.

New Mexico's legal marijuana program -- which has been held up as an ideal "model" program nationwide -- is extremely careful in its licensing and regulation. The handful of people involved in the legal growing and selling of the drug are all carefully screened.

Once someone is licensed to grow and sell medical marijuana, they are only allowed to grow 95 plants. According to New Mexico, that inventory "reflects current qualified patient needs". Unfortunately the shortage has caused many patients with medical marijuana cards to purchase their medicine on the streets.

State Health Secretary Dr. Alfredo Vigil says that the state's program is being expanded slowly and methodically in order to make sure there is sufficient oversight over the legal pot producers.

Hopefully New Mexico will speed up the process so that people can get the medicine they need without resorting to illegal drug buying!

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Lorcaserin: New Diet Pill May Be Less-Risky Weight Loss Option

An experimental new diet pill called lorcaserin may help obese and overweight people lose weight and keep it off over time. And it may do it with the health risks -- including heart problems -- of other similar-type drugs.

In one study, lorcaserin helped people lose at least 5% of their body weight -- an average of 13 pounds -- over the course of a year. It was able to provide significant results without any noticeable health problems. It's a cousin of fen-phen and works in the same appetite-suppressing manner but in a safer, more selective manner.

In the study, only half of the participants stuck with it over the course of a year. But more of the people taking lorcaserin stayed with it than those taking a placebo, suggesting that side effects were no a significant problems.

Drug maker Arena Pharmaceuticals hopes that their new diet product will be approved by the FDA and become a major player in the world of weight loss medicine.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spain Wins 2010 World Cup!

After a very exciting and memorable World Cup tournament Spain -- one of the best team's in the world -- has beaten Holland to win its first ever world championship.

It was kind of a "dirty" and "ugly" final but in the end the better team won. Today will go down as one of the greatest days in Spain's history!

Que Viva EspaƱa!!

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Solar Lab to Be Built in Southern Nevada

Part of the Nevada Test Site -- once used to test the world's first nuclear weapons -- will be used to help make the United States a leader in solar power. 25 square miles of the land will host a real-world laboratory that will be used to research emerging concentrating solar technology.

Nevada politicians (including Harry Reid), solar companies, and renewable energy experts believe that the new testing area will give the US a huge boost in solar technology -- especially in concentrating solar thermal power.

State leaders hope that the solar "lab" will also help bring new jobs to the Las Vegas and Southern Nevada areas. He said:

"It's hard to imagine a better place to capture the heat from the sun than right here."

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Solar-Powered Plane Completes 24-Hour Trip

A solar-powered airplane completed the first ever 24-hour non-stop flight today, confirming that it is possible to gather enough energy from the sun during the daytime to remain flying at night. Experts believe that the plane and others like it could possibly stay in the air indefinitely by charging its batteries with built-in solar panels.

The "Solar Impulse" is a very large aircraft with a 207-foot wingspan. It's the product of 7 years of planning and engineering by a group of scientists based in Switzerland. Their next goal is to circle the globe using nothing but sun-powered electricity.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Big Solar Energy Investment Coming from US Stimulus Program

President Obama has announced that the US will provide nearly $2 billion in loan guarantees to two large solar companies -- Abengoa Solar and Abound Solar -- in a bid to boost clean energy development and, hopefully, create thousands of new jobs. He said that he hopes the investment will help the United States create a bigger "clean energy economy" and lead to the creation of hundreds of thousands of solar energy-based jobs in the near future.

According to the President:
"We're going to keep competing aggressively to make sure the jobs and industries of the future are taking root right here in America."
The $1.85 billion in loan money will come out of the $862 billion economic stimulus package already in place. Experts believe that the announcement is a reaction to the recent bad news showing that private industry is not creating nearly as many new jobs as expected and that the US economy continues to falter greatly.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

US Stimulus Benefits Nearly Over

The huge $787 billion US stimulus program that was launched in 2009 is peaking without providing the big jumpstarts needed in the job market and overall economy. The Obama administration's "Summer of Recovery" will see thousands of temporary jobs created due to large highway improvement, water, and home weatherization projects, not to mention those thousands of "census" jobs.

But after that, it's all downhill for the stimulus-based recovery. And unfortunately the US economy will almost definitely still be in serious trouble. Some global economic and financial experts say that the stimulus has provided very little if any significant long-term benefits.

The only hope for a real recovery is that private companies will see profit levels increase and will therefore begin to hire Americans in large numbers once again. Until then, the United States and the world as a whole will continue to sputter along with little real economic growth.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Peptide Gel Kills Cavities, Regenerates Teeth (and Green Tea Protects)

Researchers have developed a special new gel that appears to be able to regenerate tooth enamel, allowing cavities to be heeled without painful drilling or root canals. Some experts believe that the gel may eventually be used to heal bones and other tissues inside of the body.

The gel contains a powerful peptide -- called MSH or melanocyte-stimulating hormone -- that causes cells inside of teeth to regenerate within a month. The peptide can also be integrated into a thin film that can be attached to teeth over a period of time. It may eventually eliminate the need to do all kinds of painful dental work, including drilling, filling, and root canaling!

Oh, and here's some more good news for people who want to avoid the dentist: drinking green tea every day appears to protect the teeth significantly. Scientists think that powerful anti-oxidant and antimicrobial compounds found in green tea called catechins provide the protection. Just one cup of sugar-free green tea per day appears to be enough to provide long-term protection.

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