Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Kel-Tec RDB, M43 Bullpup Rifles Set to Delight, Piss Off Gun Fanatics

A new ad from popular and controversial gun maker Kel-Tec has a lot of people talking. It shows two new bullpup-style rifles: the AR-styled "RDB" and the AK-styled M43. The ad promises light weights, low recoils, crisp triggers, and long-stroke pistons, among other things. 

Check it out below:

As Kel-Tec fans ourselves, we're pretty excited about these interesting-looking firearms. They're sure to be relatively low-cost, fun-to-shoot, good-quality... and nearly impossible to find. That's because Kel-Tec has a bad habit of releasing very cool new designs, building up a ton of consumer demand, and then not producing nearly enough of the new guns to fill that demand.

Here's to hoping 2014 will be the year the Florida-based company actually follows through on its promises and allows us to buy one of those damn RDB rifles!!


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Monday, December 30, 2013

Colorado Plans to Become the Amsterdam of North America

Things are about to get really interesting in Colorado on January 1st...

What do you think about Colorado and its new legal recreational marijuana industry??

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Google Zeitgeist Videos Condenses 1 Year Into 90 Seconds

The new Google Zeitgeist 2013 is pretty cool. It shows many of the search engine's highlights for the year. Check it out:

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What do you think?

Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 News Bloopers Video May Be the Funniest of the Year

A "best of" news bloopers video from "NewsBeFunny" has taken the internet by storm today, getting 100's of thousands of views in a few hours.

It is really, truly hilarious. Check it out:

What do you think??

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Crazy Robotic Cube "Cubli" Can Jump and Balance Itself on Its Edges

The Cubli is a robotic walking, balancing, and jumping cube that will make you go "WOW!"

Check it out:

Extremely cool.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Gold Prices Fall Through the Floor

Gold prices are dropping like they're hot... again! The pretty metal reached its lowest value in 3 years yesterday after the US Fed warned it was planning to slow down its economic stimulus program. It fell to $1193 per ounce, the first time it's been under $1200 since August 2010.

Most experts blame the price plunge on a lack of the inflation... inflation many traders had expected to drive gold values up. The Fed's promise to slow down its "easy money" injection caused an immediate reduction in the chance of severe inflation concurring in the US any time soon.

Also, the general improvement in the US economy has led many to question the true value of gold and other precious metals. Gold is down nearly 30 percent in 2013 and could see its first annual loss since the year 2000. Silver prices also fell to $19.19 per ounce.

We say: This is fantastic news. Hopefully gold and silver will get even cheaper so we can buy a ton of the stuff soon!

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pivothead SMART Glasses Might Be the Next Big Thing in Wearable Tech

Smartwatches are really cool but they don't seem to be quite as great or in-demand as expected. Basically, they haven't proven their usefulness yet. But the idea of wearable technology, in general, is a popular one. The question is: which product is going to break out?

Many experts believe smart glasses are the real future of wearable tech and some think the new Pivothead SMART will be the category killer (and maybe Google Glass killer as well). These lightweight glasses have an 8MP camera built in that's capable of recording high-def video. They also allow you to easily increase batter power, add Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, increase storage space, and upgrade to "livestreaming" capability.

Pretty dang cool. Check out the new promo video:

We like 'em!

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

E-Bike Innovation "Copenhagen Wheel" Available to Buy!

Riding a bicycle is about to get a lot easier, more enjoyable, and practical! First we had the FlyKly. Now we have the strangely similar Copenhagen Wheel, an MIT project that's been in the works for years.

Both will turn your regular old boring bike into a super smooth, easy-to-ride "e-bike" that's connected to your smartphone. Both are being called the next huge thing in urban transportation. Both will cost about $600 - $700, at least at first.

We say: We want to buy both of them asap!

Check out the Copenhagen launch video below:

What do you think??

Sunday, December 8, 2013

New "FiLIP" Smartwatch Tracks Your Kids (or Whoever Else You Want)

Want to know where exactly your child (or husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, dog, etc) is at all times? Would you like to send a message to your kid when it's time for him or her to get home for dinner? Then you're gonna love the new FiLIP smartwatch device.

The chunky-looking "wearable tech" product is designed to be worn by children any time they're out of the house or away from their parents. It tracks location using GPS, WiFi triangulation, and cell tower location and can receive text messages. It has a special emergency button that automatically sends a bunch of texts, makes multiple phone calls, and causes the watch to record all nearby sound in case of a kidnapping or other dangerous event.

The makers, who worked with AT&T to develop the big-faced smartwatch, say the FiLIP was designed to be wearable mainly because kids lose just about everything not carefully attached to their bodies.

We say: The FiLIP and other similar tracking gadgets are gonna be a big hit in the US, which is home to millions of overprotective mothers. But we definitely see it being used in, uh, "creative" ways by jealous girlfriends and loving dog owners!

Watch the video below for more on this interesting new product:

Learn some mo': http://gigaom.com/2013/11/19/filip-a-wearable-watch-phone-for-kids-launches-for-199-with-10-plan/

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

First Commercial SpaceX Rocket Takes Off

After several big FAILS, the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket was finally able to launch its big butt up into outer-space today. Its commercial satellite payload will be left over 22,000 miles away from the Earth's surface, aka in "geostationary" orbit.

Check out the launch video below:

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Amazon Delivery Drones Go BIG After 60 Minutes Unveiling

Forget 2-day delivery! Imagine ordering something on Amazon.com and having it delivered directly to your doorstep within 30 minutes. That's exactly the reality the company hopes to create within the next few years, according to new 60 Minutes story.

Amazon is developing unmanned, GPS-guided "Prime Air" octocopter drones that can take smaller (under 5 lbs probably) packages directly from warehouses to the buyers home, as long as it is within range. The helicopter-looking vehicles could become the next big thing in fast delivery, according to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

According to Bezos:
"I know this looks like science fiction. It's not. It drops the package. You come and get your package and we can do half-hour deliveries."

We say: This could easily be a very early April Fool's joke or just a big publicity stunt, and not everyone is really excited about it, but we like it... A LOT! The sooner these drones get into action the better. We're tired of waiting 2 whole days for our low-cost sporting goods and Chinese-made junk gadgets!!

Video below:

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Auburn Missed Field Goal Return: Greatest End to a College Football Game Ever?

This missed field goal return by Auburn player Chris Davis could easily be considered the best end to a college football game in history:

What do you think?

We say: War Eagle!!!

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