Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fracking Lawsuits: The Next Big Thing?

Have a fracking operation next door? Getting headaches, nosebleeds, and/or cancer? Is your tap water lighting on fire? You might be getting paid... a lot... in the near future. So find a good attorney.

This week a jury decided that a Wise County, Texas couple -- Bob and Lisa Parr -- deserve to be awarded nearly $3 million from Aruba Petroleum for pumping toxic chemicals into their property and its air/water supply. The court battle is over 3 years old and is the first time a US jury has decided against an oil and gas company.

But it definitely might not be the last.

While most fracking contamination cases are settled out of court (i.e. the billion-dollar energy companies simply pay victims off to keep them from making a fuss), some experts think the trend is going to change. Some victims want a public battle to teach bad actors a lesson. Many just want a lot more than the few hundred thousand dollars often offered in a settlement.

No matter what, it looks like fracking lawsuits are going to become much more common as the energy-gathering operations spread throughout North America!

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