Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ford Shows Off a New Solar-Powered Electric Car

If there's one thing that could solve A LOT of the world's problems, it's a car that doesn't need any any type of fossil fuel to run. Thanks to new research from Ford and Georgia Tech, we are much closer to making a completely solar-powered automobile a reality.

Check out this video:

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Check Out Our Bursty Friends

Some friends of ours just launched a new blog a couple of weeks ago. It's called Very Bursty and it's filled with cool and delightful stuff. And photos of hot chicks.

They're from Vegas like us so you just know their blog will be awesome.

You should go check it out right now and tell them we sent you:

Photo of sexy Las Vegas bikini models by imatty35

Being Cold CAN Make You Sick (Possibly)

It turns out that cold winter temperatures do make it more likely you'll get sick from a cold or flu virus... kind of...

Watch this video:

We say: Time to get a heavy duty humidifier and bump up the thermostat a few degrees.

Learn some mo': Myth Busters: Does Cold Weather Make You Sick?

What do you think?