Sunday, September 8, 2013

Samsung Gear: The First REAL Smartwatch?

Photo: SamsungTomorrow

It's finally here: a real smartwatch from a real electronics company (other than Sony)... or at least that's what Samsung would have us believe. The Korean tech giant showed off its new digital wristwatch -- called the Galaxy Gear smartwatch -- this week at the Internationale Funkausstellung trade show in Berlin and promised it would totally change the world of wearable computing forever.

The Android-based watch allows you to receive calls and text messages (via a tethered smartphone), take photos, track your fitness progress, and use all kinds of interesting apps. It will even help you find your cell phone... as long as it's a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and it's within a 30-foot Bluetooth range.

Some reviewers aren't thrilled with it, especially since it doesn't work with the vast majority of smartphones, at least not yet. Here's a nice review from Inspector Gadget-fan Joanna Stern:

More from CNet News:

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