Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Painless Flu Shots On the Way!

In the near future flu shots will be painless and may even arrive in the mail. Researchers from Georgia Tech have developed a new system of vaccine delivery that uses "microneedles" to easily and painlessly deliver substances into the blood stream.

The extremely tiny needles can be put onto a band-aid-like patch. Once stuck to a body party, the barely pierce the skin and then dissolve, releasing the flu vaccine (or any other drug/vaccine that may be needed).

The needles are so small that most users feel no pain. Plus the microneedle patches can be used by just about anyone, anywhere, eliminating the need to visit a doctor or nurse just to get a vaccination. Plus, the problems associated with dirty hypodermic needles are basically completely avoided.

So, within the next few years, just about everyone who wants a flu shot will be able to get it with no inconvenience or fear of doctor visits!

Learn some mo': Vaccine-delivery patch with dissolving microneedles eliminates 'sharps,' boosts protection

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