Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Google Smart Watch Coming to a Store Near You (Maybe)

patent drawing of new Google smartwatch product
More good news for high-tech gadget geeks: Google is developing a new "smart watch" that uses technology similar to their Google Glasses product released a few months ago. According to a new patent filed by the web giant, the watch features a flip-up lens that can "see" nearby objects and written words and then provide up-to-date info related to what it sees.

So in many ways it's Google Glasses for people who don't use glasses. According to the patent, the smart watch will communicate with your smartphone so you can view info on the screen. But it will also feature a built-in screen, underneath the bezel/lens, to view fresh data from the comfort of your own wrist.

Among other uses, a Google Smartwatch could potentially be set to always be scanning the area around you, giving you real-time info related to buildings, products, streets, signs, and maybe even people. Obviously things like GPS directions and "best price" information would be easy to serve to the wearer... as would all those lovely Google advertisements.

We say: This is great because we don't wear glasses and want more ways to view more Google ads all day long (Gmail, search, YouTube, Android apps, etc just aren't enough for our unquenchable ad-thirst!).

Learn some mo': Google patents smart watch with flip-up display that could reveal everyday objects' secrets

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