Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Air-Powered Cars Coming Soon

"Green car" experts have talked about having low-cost, practical compressed air-powered autos for years. Now it looks like we'll finally get them. Peugeot Citroen has introduced a new "hybrid air" car that will be released within the next 3 years and will be cheap, light, and able to operate as a "zero emission vehicle" under the right circumstances.

The groundbreaking new technology involves using a powerful hydraulic pump to push compressed air against special fluids to move the wheels. Pressure is continually regenerated as the car moves and can propel the automobile, without using any gasoline, for up to 50 minutes in normal city conditions.

It's a hybrid vehicle so it will still contain a small, efficient internal combustion engine and burn some gas. But, depending on conditions, it will be able to run in "air only" mode as a functional zero emission vehicle. Just like with current gas/electric hybrid cars, special sensors will measure driving conditions and choose the best power source.

Peugeot expects the new Hybrid Air line of cars to achieve 115+ mpg by 2020.

Learn some mo': Peugeot Car That Runs On Air Will Be Available In 2016

Check out the concept car video:

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