Monday, March 11, 2013

2 Aspirins Per Week Might Save You From Skin Cancer

Here's some more good news about our friend aspirin and its ability to fight cancer...

Frequent aspirin users may have a much lower risk of developing melanoma, one of the most dangerous types of skin cancer, according to a new study. Researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine looked at about 60,000 older women and found that the ones who used aspiring regularly were 21% - 30% less likely to develop melanoma, depending on how long they took the common pain-killer.

According to Stanford's Dr. Jean Tang, a lead researcher:
"These findings suggest that aspirin may have a chemo-preventive effect against the development of melanoma... Further clinical investigation is warranted."
The study concluded that  Caucasian women in their 50s through 70s who took aspirin at least twice per week significantly lowered their risk of cancer. It adds to increasing scientific evidence that aspirin inflammation-lowering properties may be extremely beneficial in terms of preventing and controlling many types of common cancers of the colon, liver, breasts, lungs and skin.

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