Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Studies Confirm Your Genes Make You Fat!

Being very overweight or obese may truly be due to "bad" genes, according to a new research published in Science and in the Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI). Experts from Boston Children’s Hospital found a genetic abnormality in some mice that keeps them from burning fat the way normal mice do. The gene mutation exists in some obese people.

Another group of researchers from University College London report that a form of a gene already suspected in obesity can actually increase your fatty food cravings!

The new research show that our personal biology has a HUGE effect on our metabolisms, body fat levels, body weight, and overall health. Weight and BMI, according to experts, are determined by much more than just diet and activity level.

A complex combination of genetics, hormones, appetite-regulating enzymes, metabolic characteristics, diet, exercise, and lifestyle factors determines how much we weight and how our bodies look. So the next time someone calls you fat now you can show them evidence that your grandparents are to blame!

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