Friday, October 31, 2014

Solar Electricity Will Soon Become Cheap Enough to Take Over US Energy

The Ivanpah Solar Thermal Facility.. just a short drive from Las Vegas!
After years of struggling as the "too-expensive-to-be-practical" renewable energy source, solar power is finally becoming cheap enough to actually matter in the United States. A new report from Deutsche Bank predicts that solar-generated electricity will soon become a true alternative to natural gas, oil, coal, and other conventional fossil fuel sources in many places throughout the US.

And it will happen incredibly soon... 2016 according to the DB analysts!

Even if the government reduces tax credits (subsidies used to motivate people to install solar panels), solar energy will still be price competitive in more than half the country. This is due to vast improvements in solar technology, more affordable and easy-to-get financing, and the "mainstreaming" of the once exotic energy source.

We say: We live in Las Vegas, one of the world's sunniest cities. The sooner we can get "free" electricity to run the air conditioner and charge our Tesla, the better!!

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Photo source: flickr

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